Talk Memphis To Me

Talk Memphis To Me
Released by Drive Archive

"This is a musical homecoming inspired by the sounds I've heard and loved in Memphis through the years. It's a joy to honor the musicians who originally created them by keeping them alive in my own way." "My love of music and life has given me all I've needed to keep singing in spite of some critics' past opinions. This CD is my answer to them, my gift to those who believed in me, and my proudest reward to myself for never giving up." - Cybill Shepherd

Track Listing:
  1. Roll Big Muddy
  2. Beale Street Blues
  3. Tennessee Waltz
  4. Walkin' The Dog / Who's Makin' Love
  5. Power of Love
  6. Muddy Water
  7. If I Could
  8. Mama's Cookin'
  9. Find Another Fool
  10. Talk Memphis To Me
  11. You Never Know (Where You Will Find A Friend)