Songs from the Cybill Show

Songs from the Cybill Show
Released by River Siren Productions


Nice Work If You Can Get It has always been one of my favorite songs written by George Gershwin. I had to fight to use it as the Cybill Show theme song because my co producers wanted me to do Peggy Lee's "I'm a Woman" instead.. Toasted Chickies was the first of numerous bogus radio spots I would sing on the show. On this one, I got a job imitating a chicken for a snack food jingle. It didn't go so well. . Funny How Time Slips Away is from the last episode of the first season, when my first ex husband Ira wanted to reconcile with me, and my second ex husband Jeff wanted whoever he could get. Burt Reynolds and everybody else just wanted a big bar fight. . Granny's Snack Cakes was another snack food jingle, but this time I'm an angel on roller skates. Listen and you'll hear the skates just before I fly into the willing arms of a local union member. . Secret Love is a great song to frame the montage of date scenes with my brief and secret fling for two episodes, played by Chad Everett. It's an old favorite that I've sung for years. I actually had no trouble getting the producers to put it in the show, maybe because I wasn't singing on camera. . Thanks to Ronald Reagan we now know that ketchup is a vegetable, and on Coulson's Vegetable Soup, I get to play a life size tuber. It was an eighteen carrot performance.. In That's Life I dance on a sushi bar and finish a performance I started twenty some years earlier.. As a scantily clad island babe, my Twin Coconuts steal the show. I use my chest voice so well.. Maryann and I prove that Girls Just Want To Have Fun when we venture to Japan and cavort with the repressed wife of a Japanese CEO and a very large Sumo wrestler who has a crush on me (not literally). The studio insisted that I sing the exact Japanese translation provided by the music publisher. I have included that version here. However, the studio decided not to include my Japanese singing in the episode because they feared a lawsuit from the publisher. Why? Judge for yourself.. Maryann gets a whole lot more Respect when I impersonate her at her high school reunion. . Although I was flushed with anticipation, my career was going down the pipes when I took a job as a singing toilet and sang The Potty Song. But later that same episode, things were looking up as I get to belt out a rousing high B flat on St. Louis Blues at a local club. I just sang a few phrases of One Boy in the third show of the fourth season, but here is the full version of the song.. Hi De Diddle is a bawdy song from a dream sequence where time, gender and familial relations are totally skewed. This acoustic version of Talk Memphis To Me was intended to go with some wonderful video footage the network refused to air. Rock A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody was to have been my swan song, my farewell to my fans, but it was cut out of the last episode by the studio. For the details, read my upcoming book, "Cybill Disobedience" to be published by Harper Collins late 99. . Nice Work If You Can Get It was way too expensive to use in the foreign version or syndication so I came up with Gonna Make It as an alternative. I have no idea if they are actually using Gonna Make It in the foreign version, as I've never seen my show outside of the USA. They tell me the chances of syndicating the show are slim. Oh well, I guess I won't be able to afford that ranch after all. Yes folks once again, the Cybill Show theme song, Nice Work If You Can Get It.

Track Listing:
  1. Nice Work If You Can Get It
  2. Toasted Chickies
  3. Funny How Time Slips Away
  4. Granny's Snack Cakes
  5. Secret Love
  6. Coulson's Vegetable Soup
  7. That's Life
  8. Twin Coconuts
  9. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  10. Respect
  11. The Potty Song
  12. St. Louis Blues
  13. One Boy
  14. Hi-De-Diddle
  15. Talk Memphis To Me
  16. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby
  17. Gonna Make It
  18. Nice Work If You Can Get It

CYBILL SHEPHERD - lead vocals
ROBERT MARTIN - background vocals, all instruments and arrangements except Secret Love based on arrangement by TorrieZito

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